Human-Centered AI Consultancy


Turning companies into AI companies by focusing on people 


"Using design methodology to create new solutions using AI is both cool and efficient."


Björn robért, forefront consulting group


Out now for designers, innovators, business consultants: 


Run your own AI-Design Sprint! All the things you need are out now – our simplified AI-Design Sprint Set: AI-Card Deck & AI-Design Sprint Canvas.


For identifying AI opportunities in your business and developing the most relevant AI solution for your user segment/target group. 

We developed this simplified version of our AI-Design Sprint Canvas that goes together with our AI-Card Deck for anyone to have a go with AI. 

We'll send you the AI-Card Deck, the AI-Design Sprint Canvas is for download, printed on five A3 pages. 

200,00 Euro




AI is all about people


They start the AI project and drive AI projects forward inside your organisation, they buy-into your AI strategy and concept, and they are interacting with your AI for their first time and second time. It's people whose capabilities you amplify with AI – it's all about people. It's people that determine the success of the AI implementation. 


people's crucial role in the AI implementation process


AI technology level

Phase 1

AI use cases that are out there, AI technology that is accessible

Phase 2

Evaluation (technology feasibility)

Phase 3

Prototyping, MVP

Phase 4

Pilot, implementation


People level

Identifying AI opportunities by C-Suite and across silos; reaching buy-in

AI strategy by C-Suite; reaching buy-in

Integration of human judgement; learnings from human interaction with prototype and MVP; reaching buy-in

Training people; reaching buy-in


Our story


Before 2017

  • Mike lectured in Digital Concept Development (BA) and taught courses on emerging technology for interaction design students and creative communication students (BA). Furthermore he is the author of a book on business innovation, and lead teams in organisations through a user-focused process developing new services. He founded the business design company urge.
  • Maria and Jonas received their Masters in Service Systems Design at Aalborg University. 


  • Helping his students develop business concepts using technology Mike used paper-based tools like cards. Mike focused on AI, developed the AI-Card Deck and condensed the elements of the Google Venture design sprint method to an intense couple-hour session for the C-Suite.
  • In September he launched the AI-Design Sprint at Copenhagen Techfestival and The Conference in Malmø. In October he lead an AI-Design Sprint with Grupo Falabella in Santiago Chile in collaboration with Hyper Island.
  • Version 2.0 was launched together with Maria and Jonas at Copenhagen Startup Weekend. 


  • We developed version 3.0 of the AI-Card Deck and the AI-Design Sprint Canvas. In April we lead the AI-Design Sprint Finance in Malmø in collaboration with gannaca and an open AI-Design Sprint Finance in Copenhagen.
  • We are looking forward making a simple version of our AI-Design Sprint Canvas and the AI-Card Deck easily accessible. And we are looking forward in working with business consultants. Furthermore, we are looking forward in working with enterprises in applying AI. 

Why we do what we do

We want people to understand the huge value they can deliver through AI. And we want teams to have the confidence of being able to develop their AI solution themselves. 


Mike Brandt, Co-founder, Creative Director / Human-centered AI strategist. LinkedIn


Maria Angelica Saavedra Hernandez, Partner, Service Designer, Master of Science (M.Sc.), Service Systems Design. LinkedIn


Jonas Wenke, Partner, Service Designer, Master of Science (M.Sc.), Service Systems Design. LinkedIn


Sabine Vidrike, Partner, Business Development & Sales. LinkedIn


Phase 1


AI-Design Sprint


for identifying AI opportunities in your business


We lead these AI-Design Sprints: 

  • Product AI-Design Sprint – amplifying YOUR product through AI

  • Industry AI-Design Sprint – focused on YOUR industry, like finance, legal, public services, healthcare
  • Boardroom AI-Design Sprint – starting internal dialogue on YOUR AI opportunities 
  • Enterprise AI-Design Sprint – amplifying YOUR business through AI

An AI-Design Sprint is a half-day session (four hours). Number of participants: Three teams with 3-6 participants each team. 

In a pre-sprint session we provide templates for building personas – making sure you'll start with strong data into the AI-Design Sprint. A week after the AI-Design Sprint you’ll receive your one-page AI strategy. 


For whom

  • Top management

  • Innovation lab

  • Product team

  • Service designer

  • "I know a lot about AI"-people
  • digital product designer

  • anyone that wants to add AI to their business

  • "I don't know anything about AI"-people


WTF is AI? 

How could AI help my business? 

We are not Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, how could we use AI as a regular business?


Isn't AI only about bots?

From the many opportunities to apply AI what is the right one for us?



  • Identified AI opportunities in your industry or your business

  • You developed the most relevant AI use for your business

  • Gained an overview of AI technology

  • Improved your product through AI

  • Validated your existing AI concepts

  • Buy-in and ownership of your AI strategy


"Your session was super powerful ... the clients loved it." 

Hazel Swayne, director of tailored solutions, hyper island