"Using design methodology to create new solutions using AI is both cool and efficient."


Björn robért, forefront consulting group


AI-Design Sprint



identifying AI opportunities in your business


Our story


User-focus – We come from a work that is user-centered. Maria and Jonas as Service Designer and Mike as author of a 300-page business innovation book on people-focus and workshops with organisations leading participants through a user-focused process developing new services. 

Technology – We work in the startup scene so technology comes natural. Mike lectured on technology in educational programs like Digital Concept Development (BA) and technology courses for Interactive Design students and Creative Communications students at DMJX (BA) that included AI technology. 

Paper-based tools – In his workshops with organisations and with his students Mike used paper-based tools. He experienced paper-based tools to work best with people over digital tools because people learn them in seconds and they invite for collaboration. Mike started using cards for developing tech mashups and he created his own cards around Internet of Things technology and AI. 

All this boiled down to the AI-Design Sprint – Beginning 2017 Mike focused on developing his AI cards further. In September he launched an AI-Design Sprint at the Copenhagen Techfestival and the international festival The Conference. In October he lead AI-Design Sprints with businesses, like Grupo Falabella in Santiago Chile with Hyper Island. Together with Maria and Jonas he created an AI canvas and lead the AI-Design Sprint version 2.0 with ten teams at Copenhagen Startup Weekend. At each AI-Design Sprint we got showered with overwhelming positive feedback. Thanks for all the love! Our heads are nearly exploding. Looking forward to see you soon. 

Why we do what we do – We want people act confidently in applying AI in their business. We want them to use this superpower to enrich their customers and employees lives. We want that through AI the lives of many people are enriched. 


Mike Brandt, Founder, Product & Facilitation, Creative Director Digital Transformation. LinkedIn


Jonas Wenke, Product & Facilitation, Service Designer, Master of Science (M.Sc.), Service Systems Design. LinkedIn


Maria Angelica Saavedra Hernandez, Product & Facilitation, Service Designer, Master of Science (M.Sc.), Service Systems Design. LinkedIn


Who is it for? 

  • top management

  • innovation lab

  • product team

  • service designer

  • "I know a lot about AI"-people

  • digital product designer

  • anyone that wants to add AI to their business

  • "I don't know anything about AI"-people


How could AI help my business? 

We are not Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, how could we use AI as a regular business? 

Isn't AI only about bots? 

WTF is AI?

From the many opportunities to apply AI what is the right one for us? 


How does an AI-Design Sprint work? 

We lead three different formats:


- Open -

At digital or design festivals we lead Open AI-Design Sprints for anyone interested to experience it. Participants add AI to an example industry or example business case. Duration: 90 min. Furthermore we are keynote speaker on AI. 


- Industry -

Industry AI-Design Sprints focus on one industry, like finance, insurance, fashion, legal, or public services. Participants within that industry explore AI opportunities in that industry. Duration: half day. 

- Company or Product -

A Company AI-Design Sprint is a customised sprint, it consists of research session, the sprint (duration: half day), evaluation and action plan following.

A Product AI-Design Sprint is participants amplifying a product in the company's portfolio with AI (duration: half day). 



The process: 






Participants work in groups to identify the user need, using "business problem description", "persona", "user journey", and "categorising user needs".





AI technology


We match the user need with individual AI technology that could enable us to serve that need – the matching is done in a hands-on and playful way using about 100 AI technology cards. 







Participants identify underlying old systems in their solution space and transform that with individual AI technology, that way they not only add AI but build their business around AI, creating an AI-first company. 

Furthermore participants visualise their AI solution in form of a user story, seek feedback from real users and iterate. 







Groups present their AI solution. (In a meeting we'd love to share business cases.) 




"Your session was super powerful ... the clients loved it." 

Hazel Swayne, director of tailored solutions, hyper island



  • You developed the AI application most relevant for your business

  • You see ways to use AI you haven't thought about before

  • buy-in and ownership of change through AI in your team

  • Your solution not only adds AI, but centres your business on AI, creating an AI-first company